A Toddler Game.

This is a free game for toddlers that can help educate and entertain.


Windows Version
For the windows version to work properly you must have Mono installed properly. Download it from here: Mono

.NET is reported to work as well. Download it from here: Microsoft .NET

This game was written and tested on Linux, so there is a chance it won't work properly on windows. In theory it should work fine. ;)
All Others (Linux/Mac/Etc)
For any other system you must have the following installed:
Mono - Get it
SDL - Get it
SDL_Image - Get it
SDL_Mixer - Get it
SDL_TTF - Get it
Installation instructions:
  • Unzip the file into a directory.
  • Double click the file Room.exe (in windows).
  • Move to the created directory and type "mono Room.exe" to run (in all others).

A Toddler Game v 0.9.0
Bug Fixes Galore!
  • Updated to SdlDotNet version 3 (beta 2). This fixes the sound bug that some were experiencing.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs, one was a crashing bug.
  • Made the cursor bigger.
  • Fixed the "what is different" game to not advance to the next board even when the wrong face was clicked.
  • Other minor changes.
A Toddler Game v 0.8.1
New Game!
  • I added a much improved "which is different game".
  • I also added another random event: The robot!
  • I fixed a lot of problems with the cursor, so it should be working at 100% now.
  • I cleaned up the bad positioning in the memory game and in the bigger/biggest game.
  • Fixed a bug in the memory game that was causing the game to crash.

A Toddler Game v 0.8
Major Speed Improvements!
If you tried running this on a older pc previously you probably noticed that it was slow. Not any more! Yeah.
I also added the paint can to the room. Clicking on it paints the walls and floor a different color. Just for fun.

A Toddler Game v 0.7
Don't expect much from this game right now. It has some neat things that toddlers might find fun and that you might find educational for your toddler, such as letter and number sounds and a memory game. All of the coding and graphics are done by me. If you think any part of this game was poorly done (you are probably right) then I invite you to help out. I could use someone who can do graphics, sound or music. Or if anyone has a better way of coding something that would be helpful too. Or if you just want to send me an email telling me you found a bug, that would also be helpful.
Email me

Source code included.
SVG files of all graphics are included


What you need before trying to use this:
  • Mono (The .NET framework might work too) -- Get it
  • Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) -- Get it

Installation instructions:
  • Unzip the file into a directory.
  • Move to the created directory and type "mono Room.exe" to run.
(This may work with .Net on windows as well, but I've never tested it.)


Special thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project
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